Zach Richey

Deep in his heart, Attorney Zach Richey has always known that he wanted to help people in trouble. Although he used to put people behind bars, Attorney Richey is now taking what he learned as a prosecutor and using it to keep people out of jail.

Hailing from Northwest Indiana, Attorney Richey completed his undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Bloomington. His legal studies took him to the University of Oregon School of Law, where he expanded his personal fandom to incorporate Ducks alongside Cubs and Bears.

Before joining the Marc Lopez Law Firm, Attorney Richey spent more than two years at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, where he handled DUIs, drug possession, and domestic violence cases. His time there included a number of trials (both bench and jury), as well as indispensable experience with how the State tries to punish criminal conduct.

When he’s not standing up for a defendant’s constitutional rights, Attorney Richey likes to do things outdoors, attend concerts, and keep up with whatever sports are in season.

If you’re facing criminal charges and need an attorney who knows how the other side works, contact Attorney Richey of the Marc Lopez Law Firm at 317-632-3642 or by emailing him through this contact form.

What Others Are Saying:

“I want to take the time to show my appreciation to Zach Richey and Matt Kroes with the Marc Lopez law firm. These two were an absolute blessing to me with my case. I was facing some pretty severe domestic charges (3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors) against Morgan county, which is known for being a very tough county to go against with cases like this. Zach Richey was always on point with everything, kept me updated and was always confident and reassuring to me. When I got nervous about things, he was always there as a voice of reason for me, encouraging me every step of the way. He was always on it and you could see how compassionate and dedicated he was. He never gave up and never gave in. He was an absolute beast. I didn’t get to work with Matt too much, but this guy showed up and showed out for me and in the end got the job done. He was very charismatic, knew his stuff and was on top of everything during my entire trial. These two make you feel like family and were a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully I will never have to need their services again but if I do they will be the ones I will ALWAYS go too and ALWAYS be the ones I recommend to anyone needing brilliant criminal defense attorneys. I read all the amazing reviews these guys and this firm had and I put my trust and life into their hands and these guys went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you all at the Marc Lopez law firm for having such an amazing team. You all will never know just how thankful I am for you! These guys aren’t just regular attorneys they are like super attorneys. Go A-team!!”

 – James F., January 2024

No one ever wants to need an attorney and I found myself in need of one. Back in October of this year I had my first run in with the court system and hopefully my last. I was pulled over for an offense I would rather not list. The first thing I did was search for an attorney that could handle my case. That is how I came across Marc Lopez Law Firm. Within the hour that I called them and to my surprise, I spoke with Marc directly. He was very reassuring and calming. He was able to answer all of my questions and was very patient as I had a lot. During my hearings I worked with two attorneys Zach Richey and Matt Kroes 10/10 would recommend to anyone in a similar situation. They present themselves professionally and with the confidence fitting for a person in their position. They gathered the necessary information and worked to get the best possible outcome for someone in my position. By the end of everything, they got my hearing moved up and completed within fourty four days. They are fast and good at their jobs if I ever need assistance again they would be the first people I call.”

 – Ryon R., December 2023

“I highly recommend Marc Lopez, an excellent attorney. Received a good plea deal on a fifth DUI. Would recommend them for any case. Zach Richey represented me. He really came through for me.. A special thanks to Erica, Sofi and Anthony. They did an awesome job too.”

– Alan V., December 2023

“Zach Richey from Marc Lopez law firm did a great job representing me.  Zach and his paralegal returned my calls and answered all my questions.”

– Mark P., December 2023

“The Marc Lopez Law firm was the best firm . . . Particularly Zach Richey and his personal team of paralegals. I was represented by Mr. Richey on a felony case in which I was facing 10.5 years on a DUI with prior conviction, and an enhancement for habitual vehicular substance offender. I was not offered a plea from the state because of my lengthy criminal history, so I decided to take an open plea with a 10.5 year cap. Mr. Richey responded to all my calls, emails, and video meetings expeditiously. Him and his team are very professional and highly knowledgeable. One of the many reasons why I appreciate and hold a high regard for Mr. Richey was that he was straightforward with the facts of my situation and my case. He never beat around the bush or responded with ambiguity. He was open and honest, never promised me any outcome or guaranteed anything that was not definite.  He was well informed with providing me with the most knowledgeable information for me to decide how I wanted to be represented. He listened, and did not treat my case like my situation was redundant or unimportant. He was very humble . . . Having the Marc Lopez law firm, particularly Mr. Zach Richey and his personal team of professionals as my legal counsel is by far the best decision I made for legal counsel. Thank you very much Mr. Richey for all of your legal counsel! I’m extremely appreciative and I will recommend you to anyone facing any criminal offenses.”

– John B., October 2023

“Zach Richey is one of the most dedicated, loyal, and ethical lawyers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The staff at ML have been warm and grounded in some of my most daunting days on this planet. If you’re in search of the best, look no further. This firm will fight for you!”

– Theodore M., October 2023

“Zach Richey and the staff at Marc Lopez law firm did an excellent job of handling my dui case! I was quite nervous about the way things could have gone, but the case was resolved with an outcome that was better than I could have expected!

Zach was great and he really goes up to bat for his clients!”

– Karl W., October 2023

“I highly recommend attorney Anthony Benitez and Zach Richey. They got me an amazing deal.”

– Rocky S., October 2023

“This is the best firm! Very communicative throughout the process and got my case resolved with the best possible scenario!! Highly recommend Zach Richey, Zac Bailey, Matt Kroes and paralegal Erika!”

– Kristen M., October 2023