Charged with a Crime of Domestic Violence? 

Text Demo6095 to 38470 to have the Special Report sent instantly to your cell phone. This report was written for those facing domestic violence charges. Inside you will find answers to the most common questions.  And most importantly, information on how to fight these charges.  

Or click this link to have the report sent by email. 

Allegations of Domestic Violence are serious.. If convicted, the rest of your life will be changed. You have questions.  How will this affect your life? How can you fight these charge? How can you be ordered to not go to the home you pay for? 

The Marc Lopez Law Firm has answers. Domestic Violence is one of the most commonly filed criminal charges in the State of Indiana.  Because it is so commonly charged Attorney Marc Lopez created this Special Report on Domestic Violence that attempts to educate and answer questions for those facing domestic violence charges.  

Fill out the form and we will instantly email you a copy of the Report. You owe it to yourself to become educated about what you are facing. A conviction will be life altering and will affect child custody, child support and even the right to carry a firearm. 

Attorney Marc Lopez

Attorney Marc Lopez

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