Domestic Violence

At the Marc Lopez Law Firm, we understand there are at least two sides to every story. If you are arrested for a crime of domestic violence, it obviously affects your criminal record. It can also, however, cause unexpected complications for you and your loved ones. Attorney Anthony Benitez has professional experience dealing with the complexities that develop in these types of cases. He will work aggressively to protect your rights and—if necessary—to reunite you with your family. 

In a domestic violence case, a No Contact Order is often requested by the State and granted by the Judge. This Order prohibits the accused from having any contact (including communication) with the alleged victim or witnesses, and it is issued automatically. Any violation of a No Contact Order can lead to additional criminal charges being filed. Remember, all jail calls are recorded, and the Deputy Prosecutors are listening.A domestic violence conviction can lead to adverse consequences in child custody cases down the road. Some attorneys know criminal law, and some attorneys know family law, but Attorney Anthony Benitez is positioned at the intersection of these two disciplines. He understands how your family life can affect your criminal charges, and vice versa.

Domestic battery is a messy subject with the potential for both under- and over-reporting, but the rules are designed for the benefit of the alleged victims. Intimidation is a legitimate concern, but so are false accusations. In our experience, it takes little more than a phone call to the authorities to have someone taken into custody. Police do not need a warrant to make an arrest on a domestic violence call, so flaring tempers and heated exaggerations are potentially all it takes to land a person in jail. Even if the alleged victim opts not to press charges, the State still has the option of moving forward with a criminal case.

Attorney Anthony Benitez knows that very few legal matters are as clear-cut as they appear to be, and he wants to remind you that even if you have been charged with crime, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If you need a confident, experienced trial lawyer on your side, call the attorneys at the Marc Lopez Law firm at 317-632-3642 for a free consultation. Or you can contact us by email.

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