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Jamison Allen |

Jamison Allen

Attorney Jamison Allen has 18 years of litigation experience and has practiced personal injury law for the past 15 years in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a proud plaintiff attorney, he is committed to helping people put their lives and careers back together after they suffer serious injuries.

Attorney Allen’s knowledge and skills were forged through trial and negotiation experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Using the experience he gained as an insurance company attorney, he knows the insurance company’s game and works it to his clients’ advantage. Litigating throughout the State of Indiana, he has conducted jury trials in numerous counties and represented clients before the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court. In fact, he is one of a small percentage of attorneys who can claim a Supreme Court victory

Attorney Allen’s ability to connect to a jury and increase his client’s recovery is sharpened by his other life experiences as:

  • an educator (teaching high school students and Sunday school children);

  • a swing dancer (search YouTube for “Jamison Asks Rachel a Question”);

  • an actor (he played George Bailey in a broadcast of It’s a Wonderful Life);

  • an amateur chef (which follows from his long hours invested in his family’s restaurant many years ago, where he learned the value of hard work).

Born and raised in Indiana, Attorney Allen graduated with a B.S. from Indiana State University. He earned his J.D. from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2002 and has practiced in both Illinois and Indiana. Attorney Allen is active in the Indianapolis and central Indiana communities, serving for years in arts, non-profit, and religious organizations.

If you’ve been hurt because someone was careless, call Attorney Jamison Allen of the Marc Lopez Law Firm at 317-632-3642, or contact him by email.

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Attorney Marc Lopez

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