There are several ways to get your driver’s license suspended in Indiana, but in most cases, the suspension is not permanent or irreversible. With a few exceptions, most people with suspended licenses are eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges. This is where the Court allows you to drive to certain pre-approved destinations (work, school, doctor’s appointments, etc.) at designated times.

 Without any driving privileges, the average adult has no way to earn an income or be an active parent to her child. If your independence has been crippled by a suspended license, Specialized Driving Privileges might be the first step toward getting your life back to normal. This post will address the procedure for someone who’s been charged with (but not yet convicted of) DUI.

In Indiana, when you fail a chemical test, you’re probably looking at a suspension of at least 180 days (compare that to the mandatory one-year suspension for refusing a chemical test). But what can you do while you’re waiting on your court date? What if you can’t put your life on pause for six months? What if you need to drive now?The first step is to call Attorney Marc Lopez. If you’re facing pending DUI charges, you can probably get some form of Specialized Driving Privileges, especially if you have no prior convictions. Generally speaking, the key is showing the Court that you’re not a dangerous person, but rather a conscientious citizen who made a mistake and needs to continue driving in order to keep up with adult responsibilities. Attorney Marc Lopez knows there are different strategies depending on your particular driving history, and he can help you approach the Court in the most effective way possible.

Pre-conviction petitions for Specialized Driving Privileges tend to get processed relatively quickly. You don’t have to pay a filing fee to the Court, but you may have to spring for an ignition interlock device for your car. Is it convenient? No. Is it better than not being able to drive at all? You make the call.

Allowing a person to drive while a DUI case is pending is completely discretionary with the Court. Some Courts have embraced specialty driving privileges wholeheartedly. Some Courts have flat out refused to even consider them.

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