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Injured? Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney |

If you’ve been injured and you’re looking for an attorney, you have a few options available. You can use the Only Lawyer You Know, who’s usually a family friend or someone you went to school with.

Alternatively, you can type “personal injury lawyer” into an internet search engine and go with one of the top results. This is a popular strategy for people who don’t know any lawyers.

If neither of these sounds like a great option, that’s because they’re not. Ideally, you want to do some research and speak to a few different attorneys before you make a final decision. This blog is for people who care about what kind of attorney they’re hiring.

Here are five questions you should ask before deciding if a personal injury lawyer is right for you.

How much experience do you have?

If you’re looking to hire someone to represent you in a personal injury case, your first question should be about experience. At the Marc Lopez Law Firm, Attorney Jamison Allen exclusively represents injured clients. Meanwhile, Attorney Marc Lopez spends his days working on complex cases and honing his trial skills.

Experience matters! Between the two of them, Attorneys Lopez and Allen have over 30 years of handling personal injury cases and bringing them to trial. They’ve recovered millions of dollars for their clients.

At the Marc Lopez Law Firm, clients don’t need to worry about having an attorney who is fresh out of law school or—even worse—an attorney who takes every case that walks through the door.

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