Attorney Marc Lopez invited to Speak at DUI / OVWI Continuing Legal Education

Attorney Marc Lopez presenting at a state wide OVWI / DUI Seminar on updates to Indiana OVWI / DUI Law.

On October 23, 2019, Attorney Marc Lopez was invited to present and teach other Indiana Lawyers about recent Indiana appellate case laws and practice tips in regards to operating a vehicle while intoxicated cases (DUI / OVWI). The continuing legal education seminar was put on by the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Foundation (ICLEF), a not-for-profit that is dedicated to assisting Indiana attorneys to maintain current standards and to get a better understanding of the case laws and statutes. Attorney Lopez went through recent Indiana appellate case law updates in hopes to educate other attorneys on issues to look out for when handling DUI cases. Other speakers spoke about current BMV laws, cross examination techniques, the science behind DUI / OVWI cases, jury instructions, and techniques that do and do not work in sentencing. The ICLEF DUI / OVWI  seminar is an amazing resource for Indiana attorneys to refresh and continue their legal education by receiving valuable information from all different points of view. 

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