Victor Gevirtz

Attorney Victor Gevirtz believes everyone deserves a second chance—and that this belief is worth fighting for.

Growing up in a bilingual household, Attorney Gevirtz split much of his time between the U.S. and Chile, where he attended high school. He studied history at Ball State University before turning his attention to the practice of law.

Attorney Gevirtz earned his J.D. from the University of Massachusetts School of Law, where he gained valuable experience interning at places like Justice Bridge (which offers low-cost legal services) and the Massachusetts’ public defender agency.

Empathetic by nature, Attorney Gevirtz wants the best for his clients, and thanks to his training and experience, he has a history of communicating about legal matters in both Spanish and English.

When he’s not fighting the good fight, Attorney Gevirtz likes to spend his time visiting loved ones, playing music, and finding fun things to do in and around Indianapolis.

If you’re facing criminal charges and/or need a bilingual attorney, contact Attorney Gevirtz by email or by calling the Marc Lopez Law Firm at 317-632-3642.

What Others Are Saying:

“In my personal experience, I was very grateful to the Marc Lopez law firm, especially with the collaboration of a Benitez along with the collaboration of Victor Gevirtz, Sofi and Daniela! In conclusion, they are all a good team which I can recommend 100% for helping me from the first day I contacted them! Now I am very happy and I hope they continue to help more people!!”

– Gerado R., April 2023

“. . .  There was a small problem with the probation department a couple days after my final hearing and I needed to go talk to the Judge. Victor happened to be there for another case and he took more than an hour out of his time, on the spot,  to wait for me and help explain things to the Judge and the problem was resolved. I really appreciated the extra effort from him and it made a difference for me when I was really stressed. It was an all around great experience in a difficult time for me and everyone that needs a lawyer. Definitely recommend.”

– Deanna H., April 2023

“I’m a cdl driver and Victor was fighting for my third lane violation case!

Everything went smooth!

Always stayed in touch with me and kept me aware of the situation .

Ty Marc Lopez for your quality services!”

– Humble A., March 2023


“Attorney Victor and Benitez were a great help towards my husband with his case. The process went smoothly and well. Thank you again very much for your service. Would recommend 10/10.”

– Felicity D., January 2023

“Very friendly firm. Very straightforward handled everything accordingly – super fair & communicative. I needed AMS from a prior felony conviction, it was granted with no trouble with the help of Mr. Lopez & Victor. Very knowledgeable attorneys. Highly recommend.”

– Nate G., January 2023